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7th May 2018
GOR Running Festival Volunteers Wanted; T-shirts; School Photos; Lots of Thank Yous

If you are able to help volunteer for the marathon we have a few spots left for being a human road block. This involves sitting on a deck chair reading a book and sipping on a thermos mostly. Please contact the front office if you can help out.

Our International Trip students have been madly screen printing t-shirts for the volunteers so they are ready for collection next week. If they’re slightly askew we pre-apologise, but are doing our best (maybe just tilt your head to the side!).

We'll smile for the camera and say the usual ‘holidays’ or ‘whiskey’ as the school photographer records 2018 for posterity.

Thank you to Di Clark (wicker basket) and Judy and Peter Hagan (tap fittings and timers) for their donations to the Kitchen Garden Program.

Thanks also to Libby Riches, Pete Mawhinney and Flynn Forrester for the Kendo demonstration. And another thank you to Edmund, Mark and Paul from the RSL for their great talk to the Year 5/6 students.


For more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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