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22nd October 2018
Yr10 Driver Ed; Yrs 5-8 'Ask Gran, Not Google'; Uniforms; SCHOOL FETE

Year 10 students head off for a real inland country town experience to the lovely Charlton and their intensive driving school. Plenty of theory and practical experience for these new drivers to help prepare them for independent driving!

Students in Year 5-8 have been taking part in ‘Ask Gran, Not Google’ learning about the Good Old Days. They are also looking at sustainability, having invited various businesses in to discuss how they are helping reduce waste.

The next ‘postage free’ uniform order needs to be completed by the end of November. Order green shirts for 2019 Year 5s!

Remember the fete is on the 5th of November, plenty of curries, cakes and stalls to fill up your bellies and bags.


For more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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