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19th November 2018
Thank You Bimbi Park & Hello Coffee; Costa Georgiadis; Rainbow Warrior; Yr4&5 Werribee Zoo Excursion; Yr10&11 Exams; Thank You Billy Cart Mentors

A very large thank you to Bimbi Park (Frank and Katrina) and Mel Howell for helping the International Trip kids raise a bit more for their 2019 adventures. Thanks also to Hello Coffee, Danny Cox and Rob Howell.

This week is jam packed with events – Costa Georgiadis will come to visit our school on Friday to hang out in the kitchen garden (unsurprisingly!) and to cook and share lunch with the lucky Yr 6s.

Some of our very socially minded senior students have been working with Greenpeace to help organise the Friday protest about oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight. Many of our students will walk down to the harbour to view the Rainbow Warrior and hold up their thoughts on placards.

Year 4 & 5 students head off to Werribee Zoo on Friday as well (keeping track of student movements this Friday is a pretty tough gig!). They have joined the Fight Against Extinction program and will begin their first session on how to make changes to help endangered animals.

Year 10s and 11s also sit their end of year exams at the footy club rooms. Thank you to Wendy Varcoe, Brian Mackenzie, Syd Caddy and Laima Clegg for running our VCE exams.

Thank you also to our billy cart mentors Johnny Boyd, Matty O, Reg Wilkinson, Ian Varcoe, Scott Felstead, Bruce Atkinson, Dave Leeder and Jesse Morrow – the race was very entertaining, especially the cart with the faulty brakes!


For more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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