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18th February 2019
Coastal Cup Comp; Congratulations Speculant; Formidable Vegetable; Congratulations Matty O & Georgia Howell

More swimming this week. This time we'll bus students around to Lorne to take part in the Coastal Cup Comp - a fun event and also a very satisfying alliteration.

Last week Speculant was the victor in our intra-school competition, but only by a very small margin. Well done to all who came.

We host a sustainability incursion and popular band Formidable Vegetable as part of our focus on caring for ourselves and our planet. Students in Year 3-8 will take part in workshops and the concert. Thanks to Tina Clissold, Andrea De Kauwe, Brian Humphries, Steph Goodlet and Nattie Murray for organising the dinner and concert for the community on Wednesday evening. Every little bit we do for improving our world helps.

We also congratulate Georgia Howell and Matty O on their album launches this Friday at the Apollo Bay Hotel. We have so many talents in our town!

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