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18th March 2019
Coastal Athletics; Regional Swimming Competition; Yr5/6 GTAC Visit; Yrs3-6 Creative Arts Open Afternoon

Coastal Athletics will be held this week in Apollo Bay against Lorne and Lavers Hill. Plenty of friendly competition between the students involved.

Some more of our sporty students also head off for a more aqueous competition in Horsham, at the Regional Swimming Competition.

GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre) come for a second visit for some STEM with our Year 5/6 students. They bringing Techie the Robot along to explain genes and how medicine can be targeted on certain diseases. He'll also show the students his dance moves, with some Gangnam Style and the Macarena.

And the Year 3-6 students have an open afternoon displaying what they have been working on in their Creative Arts block which runs on a Friday after lunch. They participate in sculpture, photography, craft and music.

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Nicola Philp

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