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24th July 2017
Yr12 Melbourne Excursion; Congratulations Glenda Whelan; Yr6 Melbourne Camp; Thank You Rita Livesey; Books Please!

Our Year 12s plough the well worn road to Melbourne again this week to see ‘Into the Wild’ and listen to a lecture on it as well (this is a Year 12 text for this year).

We fondly congratulate Glenda Whelan for her 40 years of service to teaching – she was presented with her certificate from The Department this week. What an incredible career; how things have changed over that time!

Year 6 students tag with the Year 12s and head back up the highway to the Big Smoke to spend 4 days in Melbourne. They'll visit all the touristy sights and a few of the cultural ones (please visit the Picasso and ‘The Pioneer’ at the NGVs was the art teacher request, love, love, lovity, love).

Thank you also to Rita Livesey who continues her many, many years of volunteering with reading in our Junior School. We are very blessed to have such a supportive, generous community.

We are still on the collection drive for the Monster Book Sale – please drop them at the southern end of the Leisure Centre.


For more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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