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18th September 2017
Interschool Basketball; Kindergarten Visit; Congratulations; First Aid Training; Billycart Races; Happy Holidays

Where to start?

Years 5-10 participated in an interschool basketball competition with Colac and Lorne today, having varied levels of success. Our students were complimented on their comradery and manners which is always lovely (and well deserved).

The Kindergarten crew make another visit to school, this time braving the classrooms where they'll meet some real live teachers and their future peers.

Congratulations to The Refuge on winning the Queenscliff Music Festival Emerging Artist Grant to assist in the recording of a new album. I can attest to the fact that they practise a lot. Right next to the Art Room. Really loudly. Like seriously a lot.

VET students take part in first aid training in Lavers Hill as part of their course requirements.

The annual Year 8 billycart race takes place down Seeberg Court, one student was heard to ask ‘Where are the brakes?’ (!), but luckily before she made it to the road. A huge thank you to our building mentors Brian Shields, Johnny Boyd, Roger Browne and Bernie Hall.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday – school resumes on Monday 9th of October.


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Nicola Philp

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