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19th March 2018
P-2 Flying Bookworm Theatre; Interschool Athletics; Yr5/6 & Yr11 Genetic Technology; Dog Poo!!!; PTS Conferences; Yr2 Camp

Our Prep-2 students attend The Flying Bookworm pop up theatre at the Senior Citizens Centre, with some modern adaptations on fairytales on the offering.

We host the interschool athletics against Lorne and Lavers Hill this week with lots of demonstration of faster, higher, stronger as per usual (sick of sport yet? I am).

Our Year 5/6 students and Year 11s take part in some genetic experiments and learning with a visit from the Gene Technology crew. They'll discuss DNA, heredity and gene manipulation. Hopefully they will develop gene therapy to ‘fix’ dog owners who forget their obligation to pick up their dog’s poo…

That was an attempt at a segue into a grumble and request from the College that if you are walking your dog through our property that you please pick up its poo. Several of our students have had an unpleasant connection with shoe and poo this week. Thank you for your assistance and responsibility.

Parent/teacher/student conferences are next week – which means Thursday is a pupil free day just in case you hadn’t realised yet.

And finally, our Year 2 students will come clutching teddies and PJs on Friday as they take part in their first ‘camp’ in the Leisure Centre.


For more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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