Apollo Bay Arts Inc. ROCKS

23rd May 2019

On behalf of The Rank Outsiders and our man, Jacko (Jackson Hayat), we'd like to say how humbled, grateful, chuffed, ecstatic, (you name it) we are today upon receiving the excellent news that Apollo Bay Arts Inc. has provided an artistic grant which we will use to help pay for our music video of the song, Willie, from our new, self titled, album.

It meant so much to us that a great deal of our album and it's creation was generated in and around Apollo Bay and The Great Ocean Road and this unexpected bonus for the 'Willie' video feels the same. You can catch all the action right here on our Youtube channel:


As a Grade 5 student in 2010, Jackson displayed the signs that he might forge ahead into an I.T./film related pathway. Having taught him in a music class, he was the obvious choice at year's end to receive a prize at Awards Night. His prize that year?....a brand new guitar.

Jacko's work on ours and The Fillmore Brothers videos has already lead to other opportunities with other bands for him. We believe it’s only the beginning and that it won't be long before his name looms large in the field.

As for the band, we’re chuffed to be recognised as a viable artistic entity and The Rank Outsiders have just begun writing for our second album.


Matty, Luke, Adza, Paul and the video guru himself, Jackson.

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