Colac 2050 Growth Plan enters the final stage of consultation
July 30, 2018

Colac Otway Shire Mayor Joe McCracken has urged everyone vested in Colac’s future to get involved in the final stage of the city’s 2050 growth plan.

Councillors last week supported the release of the draft Colac 2050 Growth Plan for exhibition and public submissions and Cr McCracken said it was one of the most important community engagement opportunities this decade. The draft Colac 2050 Growth Plan and associated planning scheme amendment will be placed on exhibition together in about a month, following the State Government’s consent.

“We’re talking about growing Colac’s population by 8000 people by 2050 and this plan sets out draft proposals for how that growth will be managed, where everyone might live and what sort of development could be allowed in certain areas,” he said.

“It sets out a vision for Colac and establishes principles, directions and recommendations to make sure we end up with a city that resembles that vision.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is for community members to take some time to review the draft plan and consider making a submission reflecting their support, or otherwise, for the many recommendations it outlines.”

Cr McCracken said the draft plan was developed in partnership with Regional Development Victoria, had been influenced by the G21 Regional Growth Plan and was shaped following a Citizens’ Jury earlier this year.

“Council has completed a series of community engagement activities, culminating in the Citizens’ Jury, to inform the preparation of this draft plan. Moving to the exhibition phase is the final step towards Councillors making a decision on the Colac 2050 Growth Plan and associated Planning Scheme Amendment,” he said.

“There are several key themes in the draft plan, including urban growth, housing and accommodation, economic development and employment, infrastructure, and cultural landscape, sustainability and environment.

“It’s about making the most of Colac’s opportunity to grow, while at the same time protecting what we love about living in Colac and making sure future developments contribute positively to that liveability and prosperity.”

Cr McCracken said the plan included new proposed neighbourhoods featuring a variety of residential options, including a General Residential Zone (which applies across most of Colac at present), a Low Density Residential Zone (which allows lots around 4000sqm), and a Rural Living Zone (which allows small rural sized lots).

“It recognises land use buffers to the saleyards, waste-water treatment plan, the AKD sawmill and ALC abattoir, in addition to identifying a revised urban-boundary,” he said.

“Importantly, it’s not all about residential development and many people will be interested in plans for an expanded open space network including on-street green links, incorporating safe pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, expanded pedestrian and cycle paths along our creeks and Lake Colac foreshore, improved entrances to Colac, new commercial centres and wetlands. 

“This plan is about the vision for Colac, so all of the residential, commercial, industrial and environmental development proposed would be subject to more detailed stages of planning– however it will set the framework for the future, so again I urge everyone to take a look and consider making a submission.”

Once the exhibition schedule has been determined, further details will be advertised in the local media. At that point Council will also directly notify all property owners in Colac and Elliminyt, inviting them to take part in the process and to contribute their views. 

Various opportunities will be made available for interested members of the community to find out more about the draft growth plan in person and to provide their feedback. 

The Council will review all submissions made on the draft plan and planning scheme amendment before endorsing any final document.



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