Statement from Chief Executive Peter Brown
October 4, 2018

Colac Otway Shire Council is investigating reports of gastrointestinal illness (gastro) at the Kennett River Holiday Park.

Council has requested the caravan park operator inform all patrons and potential guests of the potential health risk; the operator is providing alternate sources of water to patrons.

Council is working urgently to install portable toilets to provide a facility to visitors of Kennett River until the issue is resolved. In the interim, signage will be displayed to advise users and patrons of the potential health risk.

Council Environmental Health Officers have commenced investigations, including the required interviews, which resulted in additional claims of incidents of gastro from guests of the park.

Investigations include working with the caravan park operator, Otway Coast Committee, as the committee of management for this land, and DHHS to confirm the source of the illness and minimise any risk to the community.

As a cautionary approach, Council is encouraging patrons and travellers to avoid contact or consumption of water at the Kennett River Park. Instances of suspected gastro should be reported to the Council’s Health Protection Unit on 5232 9400 for further investigation.

It is important that any member of the public who believes they may be suffering from gastro seeks medical attention through their GP.


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