Colac 2050 Growth Plan draft & Planning Scheme Amendment C97 on public exhibition
October 25, 2018

The Colac community has a new opportunity to get involved with the city’s long-term plan to guide the location of future housing developments, infrastructure and open space.

Colac Otway Shire Council chief executive officer Peter Brown says the release of the draft Colac 2050 Growth Plan for public exhibition provides another chance for residents and businesses to have their say on the thirty-year plan.

The Colac 2050 Growth Plan will guide development so the city is an even better place to live, work and visit when the population reaches 20,000 people, a target set in the G21 Regional Growth Plan and State Planning policy.

“The development of this vital 2050 growth plan for Colac has already involved extensive community consultation,” Mr Brown said.

“The Citizens’ Jury process brought together interested people to look at how Colac should look in 2050, and Council has encouraged the general community to have their say throughout the development of this fantastic strategic plan.

“Council is now making the draft available so that everyone has an opportunity to consider the location of future housing and facilities before the document is finalised,” he said.

“The growth plan is accompanied by a planning scheme amendment that seeks to include the plan’s key policy directions in a revised Framework Plan for Colac”, he said.

“The community is urged to look at the plan and associated amendment and get involved by making a submission before December 14.”

Mr Brown said the Colac 2050 draft detailed where residential growth could happen in the medium and long term, with a guide for future city boundaries.

“The draft plan also maps where potential infrastructure could go to be able to support more people and housing.

“Making sure we plan for adequate open space in residential areas is another key part of the draft plan and it is essential to Colac continuing to be a vibrant and enjoyable place to live,” he said.

“The plan also looks at how Council can build on Colac’s strong sense of community and heritage, and embraces the city’s unique natural and cultural features.

“It maximises the use of Deans Creek and Barongarook Creek for future open space, which has potential to realise an integrated open space link based on Colac’s waterways.

“This was a key factor in the Citizens Jury’s support for the Plan, in conjunction with opportunity to reduce the flooding of low lying areas in these catchments.

“The amendment does not rezone land immediately,” he said, but it provides direction on what future planning should occur to manage the projected growth and provide a basis for rezoning going forward,” Mr Brown said.

“Council has released the draft Colac 2050 Growth Plan and Planning Scheme Amendment C97 at the same time as the Colac Stormwater Development Strategy draft because while they are separate documents, they will both play significant roles in guiding Colac’s future development.”

Residents, property owners and businesses will receive a brochure in the mail which explains why the draft growth plan and amendment is so important for Colac’s future, where they can find more information and how they can make a submission.

Community members can also learn more about the draft Colac 2050 Growth Plan and Planning Scheme Amendment C97 online at or by contacting Council’s Colac Customer Service Centre.


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