New Apollo Bay Dredge Named
9th September 2014


140909 dredge name winnersEleven year old Apollo Bay P-12 student William Orchard's entry has been chosen as the new name of Apollo Bay harbour dredge.

William's entry, the 'Apollo' was chosen by a panel which included Colac Otway Shire Council Mayor Lyn Russell, fisherman Nick Polgeest, and Member for Polwarth Terry Mulder.

It was chosen from a shortlist of entries from students of all ages. Students put forward potential names with the reasons behind their choices, as well as a coloring competition entry for the younger children.

Fellow student Jonathan Hanson's entry the 'Urchin' has been chosen as the name of the accompanying workboat.

The dredge is expected to dock for the first time in Apollo Bay by the end of September.

"I really commend the creativity shown by the students who entered this competition," Mayor Lyn Russell said.

"It was a difficult decision for the panel. We had entries that had geographical links, historical links and then those that reflected the great practicality of the children entering. In the end though our choice was influenced by the need to choose a name that was straight forward for both the dredge operators, and those vessels entering the harbour.

"And what an incredible opportunity to be part of the 'Bay's history in knowing that you've named such an important vessel as the dredge," she said.

"I remember jumping off the current dredge when I was a little girl growing up in Apollo Bay. So for these boys, they will have that incredible experience as they grow up knowing that they named something that is going to serve the coastline in keeping the harbour clear of sand build-up for decades to come."

Mr Mulder said it was a great opportunity for the local community to get involved with project.

"It was fantastic to get so many local students involved in the competition and educated on their local boating industry.

"The new dredge and workboat are essential for continuing the viability and safety of the Port of Apollo Bay, and will help to ensure commercial and recreational boating in the area continues to thrive," Mr Mulder said.

Apollo Bay P-12 Principal Tiffany Holt said she was pleased with the enthusiasm and creativity shown by those students who entered the competition. "The students, particularly the younger year levels really dove into the project and what we saw was a great variety of potential names for the dredge come forth," Ms Holt said.

"I'm sure it was a difficult choice in the end – but what an honor to know that you've been part of history in naming a vessel that will be serving the Apollo Bay community for decades to come!"

Colac Otway Shire Council held a special presentation to the two winning entries, both of whom received certificates and gift vouchers to celebrate their win.

The dredge is scheduled to be commissioned in the coming weeks. The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure is providing $1.6 million for the dredge and work boat upgrade, with another $1.5 million coming from Colac Otway Shire Council harbour reserve funds.


The 'Apollo' is a state-of-the-art vessel that has been constructed by Port Macquarie company Birdon Pty Ltd.

It will replace the historic 'Gannet' which was originally used as a munitions transport boat in the Sydney Harbour and is thought to have been constructed by the same company that build the Titanic.

The incumbent dredge will excavate and remove sand from the entrance of the harbour to keep its mouth clear/operational as a working port.

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