Council encourages caution as snakes start to emerge
October 6, 2017

As the number of sunny days increases so too does the number of snake sightings across the shire.

While it may still feel cold to us, snakes are increasingly coming out of hibernation and enjoying time in the sun.

Environment and Community Safety Manager Stewart Anderson said Council had received calls from concerned community members who had spotted the reptiles across the shire.

"The chances of coming across a snake in this mild weather are quite high. At this time of the year although snakes might be emerging they tend not to be very active. So while we may see more snakes they are less likely to quickly move away when they hear something approach,” Mr Anderson said.

“We encourage the community to be observant and be aware that snakes are common not just in the rural areas of our shire, but in our towns as well, particularly in places like the Lake Colac foreshore, and parklands.

“Our key message to the community is to remain calm if they see a snake, keep still and let the snake pass. If the snake does not move try to slowly move yourself away from the snake.”

The most common snakes around our shire are tiger snakes, lowland copperheads and eastern brown snakes.

Snakes are attracted to shelter, such as piles of rocks and timber, sheets of metal, or building materials. Removing any unnecessary items from a property could reduce the likelihood of snakes finding themselves a home.

Snakes are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975 and it is illegal to capture, kill or harm them.

Council does not provide snake removal services. If you need a snake to be removed from your property, please contact a qualified snake removal service via the Yellow Pages or an online search.




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