Council identifies more than $10 million of priority projects for the region
January 30, 2018

Colac Otway Shire Council will push for funding over 30 major projects including $1.3 million for the Lake Colac Foreshore Master Plan, $1.35 million toward local roads upgrades and maintenance and $450,000 to the Apollo Bay Harbour precinct redevelopment.

Mayor Joe McCracken said that Council has been strategic in determining key infrastructure and planning projects which will best return economic, social and environmental outcomes to Colac Otway Shire.

“We have identified a diverse range of projects, many of which are shovel-ready, all of which are expected to generate considerable benefits for our community. The selected projects represent a program which will be delivered over a number of years to continue to strengthen our economy, improve the liveability of our region and enhance our communities,” Cr McCracken said.

“From the refurbishment of Winifred Nance Kindergarten ($400,000) to implementing the Forrest Mountain Bike Trail Strategy ($200,000), the Priority Projects framework should be seen as dynamic, responding to the changing needs and priorities within our diverse community to provide value to all.

“We’ve informed our selection of priorities through community engagement such as the new pre-budget consultation process and in developing the Council Plan 2017-2021. We know that our community wants the Memorial Square Master Plan to be delivered and the Great Ocean Road Authority to be established, and we’re focussed on having all priorities supported by our state and federal counterparts”

Past advocacy by Council has resulted in major projects such as the recently completed CBD Revitalisation Project being funded, and legislative changes like a ban the exploration and development of unconventional gas being achieved.

“Council’s tenacity in rallying politicians is paramount to getting extra funding or support for projects Council rate payers could simply not afford, but deserve to have,” Cr McCracken said.

“The Priority Projects have been assessed and selected based on merit, cost, feasibility and necessity. Our job now is to go out there and actively promote and advocate for each of our community’s priorities as these projects are reliant on State and Federal Government support for their delivery.”

An overview of priority projects is below. Please visit or contact Council if you would like to register to receive a formal priority projects document.

Council Role*
Council Plan
1. Implementation Phase
Lake Colac Foreshore Master Plan Implementation – Stage 1 (1) $500,000 COP Our Prosperity
Memorial Square Master Plan Implementation – Stage 1 (2) $129,000 COP Our Places
Winifred Nance Kindergarten Refurbishment (17) $402,000 PP (BCYF) Our Community


2. Advocacy / Lobbying Phase

Lake Colac Foreshore Master Plan Implementation – Stage 2 (1) $816,000 COP Our Prosperity
Memorial Square Master Plan Implementation – Stage 2  (2) $1,600,000 COP Our Places
Apollo Bay Harbour Precinct Development Plan (5) $200,000 COP Our Prosperity
Great Ocean Road Authority (8) Advocate PP (S & F) Our Leadership & Management
Former Colac High School Site Land Donation (9) Advocate COP Our Places
Central Reserve Master Plan Implementation - Stage 2 (12) $1,000,000 COP Our Places
Increased Commuter Rail Services (18) Advocate AP Our Leadership & Management
Colac Bypass Cost Benefit Analysis (21) Advocate AP Our Leadership & Management
Colac Integrated Water Cycle Management Plan (23) $100,000 PP (BW) Our Leadership & Management
Ship Wreck Coast Master Plan Implementation ($152M partner lead) (24) Advocate AP Our Prosperity
Colanda Centre Future Land Use Plan (30) Advocate COP Our Leadership & Management
Great Ocean Walk Part 1 - Apollo Bay to Skenes Creek (19) Advocate PP Our Prosperity


3. Project Development Phase

Forrest Mountain Bike Trail Strategy Implementation – Stage 1 Design(3) $200,000 PP (PV & DELWP) Our Prosperity
Colac Accommodation Attraction (4) $100,000 COP Our Prosperity
Large Solar Array Investigation (Bruce St) (6) $150,000 COP Our Leadership & Management
Strategic Local Roads Upgrades and Maintenance (7) $1.35M COP Our Places
Joint G21 Councils Energy Efficient Lighting (Colac) (10) $257,080 PP Our Leadership & Management
Colac Otway Drug and Alcohol Plan (13) Advocacy PP Our Community
Early Years Hub – Apollo Bay (14) $100,000 PP Our Community
Arterial Road Network Upgrades and Maintenance (15) Advocate COP Our Leadership & Management
Community Development Employment Disadvantage GROW (3 years) (16) $210,000 PP Our Community
Local Coastal Hazard Assessment (Stage 2) (20) $800,000 PP Our Leadership & Management
Forest Street Colac Upgrades (22) $1,000,000 COP Our Places
Colac Residential Housing Stock Analysis (25) $40,000 COP Our Prosperity
Lavers Hill to Crowes and Melba Gully Trail Plan Implementation ($900,000) (26) Advocate COP Our Places
Colac Jobs Expo and Schools Program (over 3 years) (29) $125,000 COP Our Community


4. Strategic Planning Projects Phase

Apollo Bay Harbour Precinct Redevelopment – Public Infrastructure Planning (5) $250,000 COP Our Prosperity
Great Ocean Road Region Infrastructure Plan (11) $250,000 PP Our Prosperity
Great Ocean Walk Part 2 – Feasibility Skenes Creek to Surf Coast (19) $300,000 PP Our Prosperity
Colac to Cororooke Shared Path Feasibility (27) $30,000 COP Our Places
Stronger Communities Program (Several small projects) (28) $570,000 COP Our Places

COP = Council owned
PP = Partnership Project
AP = Advocacy Project
BCYF = Barwon Child Youth & Family
PV = Parks Victoria
DELWP = Department of Land, Water & Planning
BW = Barwon Water


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