OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 326 - Aug 11, 2019

Cr. Stephen Hart in attendance.

- COS Fees and Charges will be increasing by between 2-6%.

- Is this to increase revenue now that the annual rate rise has been capped at 0.5%?

- Contact COS or your councillors for further information as consultation has now closed.

- Land valuations in COS have also gone up by 1% on average.

- Apollo Bay Community Infrastructure Plan will have two more public consultations before it is finalised next year.

- Get involved as this will determine many aspects of our town.

- Fairhaven to Skenes Creek walking trail may cost up to $100m if ever approved?

- Cape Patton to Skenes Creek and Apollo Bay trails particularly challenging as the coastal zone is very vulnerable and narrow.

- The inner side of the road is private property and thus unavailable.

- An inland forest walk makes more sense!

- Consultation now closed final reports on route, costs and benefits due before the end of year.

- Groynes and walls are now estimated to cost $40m to protect the front and back beaches.

- $3m allocated for the whole state in last state budget for coastal erosion.

- Final recommendations, costing and timeline for erosion controls due before the end of year.

- New sand trap fence completed at the back beach, however erosion continues on recently completed sand dune face!

- Victorias Marine and Coast Policy to be released at the end of year and WILL include the latest IPPC predictions for sea level rise.

- $250,000 needed for a feasibility study on pumping recycled waste water from Black Rock, near Barwon Heads, to fill Lake Colac.

- This could cost up to $300m to build and $17m to operate annually.

- Only Cr. Stephen Hart voted against this fanciful idea!

- The lake is very shallow and silted and evaporation rates will be high.

- COS Community Satisfaction Survey shows that Apollo Bay residents less satisfied than Colac – 48% to $60%

- The review of COS ward boundaries and the local government act still on hold.

- Council elections due next year.

- Recordings of COS meetings will be available on the COS website from December onwards.

- A revised plan for the subdivision of 6280- 6230 GOR to be submitted soon.

- Marriners Vue housing estate has been sold to a Chinese developer?

- Controversial Barham valley farm has also been sold?

- COS has signed another 2 year management agreement for the AB harbour.

- Two new members appointed to harbour users  consultation group.

- Aireys Inlet District Association calling for capacity study on tourism for the GOR.

- GOR Task force admits GOR mighty be reaching capacity but still calls for more tourism investment??

- See the excellent AIDA submission to the task force on the Otway Forum website.


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Hon. Secretary
Otway Forum

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