OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 328 - Oct 13, 2019

Apologies Crs. Hart and Potter.

- Climate Emergency Declaration petition to COS circulating around town.

- Will COS join the 50 other local councils in the CACE movement to get the federal and state governments to act urgently on the climate emergency?

- See caceonline.org for more information.

- RACVs Royal Auto magazine has a feature article and editorial calling for swift action to address GOR safety issues.

- IPCC now forecasting an accelerating sea level rise of 110cm by 2100

- 5 years ago the prediction was 80cm.

- This newly predicted sea level rise will inform the next state government Victorian Coastal Strategy to be released by the end of this year.

- Still waiting on the latest coastal erosion report on options for front and back beaches.

- Estimated costs for groynes and walls is now $40m.

- Report due by the end of this year.

- This is the most important infrastructure needed in AB!!

- Another workshop on the Community Infrastructure Plan soon.

- Find the summary of feedback from  the last information day on the Otway Forum website.

- Planning for a possible rerouting of the GOR is NOT on the agenda for the CIP.

- Who will pay for all these CIP improvements?

- Or is it just another episode of the ABCs Utopia programme?

- Well done to Jon Faine on helping  our community on GOR and AB issues.

- Further consultation in AB on the new GOR Authority in November.

- Three? years since the announcement and we are still waiting on the Skenes to Colac road improvements to be started.

- Well done to COS on completing the new boat ramp car park.

- Bev McArthur MP is the wife of ex MP Stuart McArthur !!

- This western district  political dynasty continues !!

- Very disappointing,  but not surprising remarks on the climate emergency by our state upper house representative Bev.

- Temporary? toilets in Pascoe street car park.

- AB Show not on next year? Go to the Colac show instead Nov.1,2,3.

- Still waiting on VEC local council representation decision by the relevant minister.

- Vote on the next COS mayor at next council meeting.

- Roundabout decision by Vic Roads on hold subject to CIP.

- Otway Forum AGM at Nov. 10th meeting. $5 membership.


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