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Apollo Bay Hoodies Volunteers

October 25 2016

Although it may feel as though winter is never-ending this year, shorebirds across Victoria are already wising up to the fact that warmer weather is on its way.

Soon it will be time to shake off the feathers, preen a bit more and get their breeding seasons underway.

Hooded Plovers are beach nesting birds that spends their whole lives at the beach and are one of the most threatened birds in Australia. Hooded Plovers are small timid shorebirds that nest between August and March on beaches above the high tide mark and into the dunes. It is possible that you may have come across them on our local beaches, as each year there are pairs dotted along the coast nesting in locations such as Wild Dog beach, the mouth of the Barham River, Point Franklin and Johanna beach – to name a few.

birdlife australiaEven though it is still cold, wet and windy, Hooded Plovers start laying their eggs in August so from now until March it is important to keep your eyes open whilst walking along the beach, avoid the area between the high tide mark and the sand dunes and restrain dogs on leashes in nesting area. If you see a pair of nesting Hooded Plovers please ensure that you keep at least 50 metres away, leave the eggs or chicks where they are and move away quickly so that the parents can return.


For more information or to become involved as a Hooded Plover volunteer please contact:

Gary Summers
Ranger, Apollo Bay
0457 704 436

or Birdlife Australia on (03) 9347 0757 or visit


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