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New General Manager; Storm Damage; Skenes Creek Walk
30th July 2015

It’s been a busy and challenging 2 months introduction for the General Manager into the Otway Coast Committee.  It has been an interesting, eye opening experience with a bit of fun along the way.

It’s critical to understand the diversity of the role as we are dealing with so many different groups to ensure what we do benefits our town and complies with the relevant departments' requirements as well.

There are a number of activities that have been progressing quietly behind the scenes during this time and we are pleased to provide an update on these items.

Storm Damage

With the high tides and storms we had during the month of May we received a lot of damage to our foreshore and this still can be seen at the Carpark opposite Tuxion Road / Cawood Street carpark.

We have completed a lot of the smaller repairs along the coast at Wye River and Skenes Creek but still require work to be done in front of the beach access at Tuxion Road / Cawood Street.

We are working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) on this matter and are awaiting a Coastal Engineers Report on how to further mitigate erosion on one of the busiest access points to the beach.

This cannot be rushed as the repairs needs to be able to withstand the elements for a number of years, and we are not ones for what is deemed as band aide fixes, as we would rather do the job right first time and have it last and let tourists and the community benefit by enjoying our area.

Skenes Creek Walk

The Skenes Creek walk tender document is still in a draft format and is currently being reviewed by DELWP.  The next stage of this proposal is as follows:

  • Obtain Expressions of Interest from consortiums who can provide final alignment and detailed designs
  • Consult stake holder groups throughout the community on their thoughts / input on the designs received

This will take some time as we need to ensure public safety, what cultural heritage impacts this may have and environmental impacts (wildlife and erosion / damage) we may be faced with.

We will provide further updates as we progress the documents and design through the same forum.


The OCC will provide further, regular updates on this website, the Apollo Bay Community Website and in the Apollo Bay News in the future and will highlight areas we are working on or that have impact on the area we love and enjoy.

In the meantime enjoy our beautiful area and please feel free to contact us and give us your thoughts and feedback on what you think may assist in protecting and preserving the area.

Anthony Alfirenko
General Manager
Otway Coast Committee

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