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Marengo Beach Update; Tuxion Rd/Cawood St Car Park and Beach Access; Cypress Tree between the Skate Park and the Playground
28th September 2015

Since the last Otway Coast Committee (OCC) News Sheet article, we have received many enquiries around the erosion around Marengo Beach. Therefore outlined below is an update on this, the Tuxion Road Carpark and a community risk item of a damaged Cypress Tree between the Skate Park and the Playground.

Marengo Beach Update

With regard to the erosion on the beach, were are currently working with the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) and the Colac Otway Shire Council who manages the Dredge Operations in the Harbour to see how we can best utilise this asset to move sand from the harbour to Marengo beach.

As we approach a period of normally southerly winds works cannot commence until this subsides as it would result in the backfilling process potentially being washed back out to sea thus resulting in a waste of time and money.

We will continue to push and work with the different departments on how to best manage this process moving forward.

With regards to the path from Apollo Bay to Marengo itself, this is a Colac Otway Shire asset and the OCC is prioritising public safety for path users with regards to foreshore erosion and beach access points.

The OCC convened a meeting between the Colac Otway Shire, Barwon Water, Parks Victoria, VicRoads and DELWP on the 17th September to highlight the erosion and the risk to the major infrastructure surrounding this area.

All stake-holders have in turn highlighted these issues, risk and concerns to their respective organisations and all stakeholders will continue to meet and determine how to best manage these issues by implementing both a short and long term strategy to remediate this section of coastline.

We will provide updates to keep you informed as of the outcomes and progress of meetings as we move forward.

Tuxion Rd / Cawood St Car Park and Beach Access

In our last updated we mentioned we were awaiting a Coastal Engineers Report on the best method moving forward.

The report provided gives a number of both short and long terms strategies, which are listed below for your information.

The OCC will determine with DELWP, the best strategy to proceed with an I assume this would be option 2 below which provides a short term measure to start with.

We also need to start discussions with the Colac Otway Shire regarding alternative Parking Strategies for this location.

Long term strategies that will need to consider the coastal hazards and options for climate change adaptation along the Apollo Bay foreshore to balance community values.

Short term and Long term Strategies

  1. Minimal treatment - Demolish beach access structure, re-align coastal trail and car park in remaining area.  Monitor site and should foreshore recession continue further realign coastal trail and consider closure of car park.
  2. Beach nourishment - truck sand to area and carry out minor maintenance to stabilise beach access structure (Increase foundation depth). Monitor site and continue sand nourishment as required to stabilise foreshore Recession.
  3. Shoreline protection groyne/s - construct groyne/s and initial sand nourishment.  Monitor site and continue sand nourishment to stabilise foreshore recession
  4. Shoreline protection seawall / revetment - construct revetment and initial sand nourishment.  Monitor site and continue sand nourishment to stabilise foreshore recession

151005 cypress

Again we will provide updates as to what is happening in this area as we progress in re-opening this access once again for all to use and enjoy.

Cypress Tree between the Skate Park and the Playground

We would like to inform the Community that the OCC will be removing the Cypress Tree located beside the Skate Park and the Playground on the foreshore in which is currently barricaded.

An arborist report confirms this tree suffered a lot of damage during past storms and is at risk of breaking at any time and therefore deemed unsafe.

The tree has a number of split limbs located nearer to the middle of the tree, thus creating an unstable structure.

Contractors will carry out the felling of this tree prior to the commencement of the Christmas Holiday period to eliminate risk to users of this area.


In the meantime enjoy our beautiful area and please feel free to contact us and give us your thoughts and feedback on what you think may assist in protecting and preserving the area we love.


Anthony Alfirenko
General Manager
Otway Coast Committee

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