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Letter from Deputy Chair, Otway Coast Committee

13 October 2017


Dear Editor

Otway Coast Committee manages the foreshore in Apollo Bay, as well as other areas of public land along the coast between Marengo and Wye River. Members are appointed to the Committee for a term of two years, following a call for applications from the public, and an extensive interview and appointment process by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). Members are appointed on a skills basis, and are volunteers in that they accept no payment for the work they do, but they are directly accountable to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Members are appointed by the Minister to manage this land on behalf of all Victorians, and the OCC works in close partnership with DELWP and other stakeholders to carry out this task. Following the appointment of three new members to the Committee in August, the OCC now has nine members.

The OCC was disappointed by comments on page 9 of the Apollo Bay News edition 39-40 October 12th, suggesting the OCC is not operating efficiently. The work that the OCC undertakes is often difficult and challenging, and has timing and budget constraints like any other business. Despite these challenges we remain passionate and committed about what we do.

In the past year OCC has been focused on bushfire recovery projects totalling $550,000, at Wye River, and is now concentrating on an Apollo Bay Foreshore Precinct Plan, a master plan for the Recreation Reserve, and the on-going remediation work along the eroded foreshore.

If you would like to know who Otway Coast Committee is, and what we do, our most recent Annual Report can be found on our website As always, where there are issues with foreshore facilities, and locals notice them before we do, please contact the OCC General Manager directly on (03) 5237 6577 or 0419 301 311.

Robyn Adams
Deputy Chair, Otway Coast Committee

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