22 March 2017

Sarah Henderson was our guest at the Skenes Creek Association meeting on Saturday 18th March.

The meeting was packed despite the fact that quite a few members were absent with Ag Show volunteer commitments.

Sarah’s local topics included: Improving road safety, GOR funding, 24 hour doctor care and NBN delivery

Jacinta and Sophie, two young girls from Skeenies, put Sarah right on the spot with a great question. Their parents won’t let them cycle into town as the road is (understandably) much too dangerous. This is frustrating for all and limits their independence. More importantly, they can’t push their sister’s wheelchair along the coast or even across the creek in the middle of our village – no safe crossing or wheelchair access.

Sarah assured Jacinta and Sophie that, while safe pedestrian bridges across the creek at Skeenies and Wild Dog didn’t quite make the cut in the current works she has spoken directly to Mark Koliba of VicRoads about them and in Sarah’s words they “do need to be in the scope of works for the next phase” Watch this space!

Graham Costin, Vice President of SCAA gave an update on progress on the Apollo Bay Skenes Creek trail study. OCC now has the OK to spend the $40k they have from Sports and Rec Victoria and are chipping in another $5k (thankyou!). AB Chamber of Commerce have a steering committee for the project and ABCC & SCAA are jointly applying for $25k contribution from Colac Otway Shire through the Small Town Improvement Program.

Sarah Henderson suggested that we could apply for matching funding (up to another $75k) from the Commonwealth but we do need Colac Otway Shire to confirm they will contribute money to this project.

And by the way – out in Skeenies we now have TV reception! Still no ADSL or NBN but NBN should be coming in October. Progress!!

A really useful meeting – whatever your political views you have to admit that Sarah Henderson is working hard to deliver for our community – and takes the trouble to visit us and understand our issues.

Thankyou Sarah. (and can we have our safe ped/cycle bridges and trail from Apollo Bay please!!)

Support our trail campaign on facebook group ‘Apollo Bay Skenes Creek Coastal Discovery Trail’. Also see VicRoads on Thursday at the golf club to ask for safe bridges across the creeks. They are now built at Wye, Sep, Kennett…but not Wild Dog or Skeenies as yet.

Just a short update from those who live up the Creek!

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