Great Ocean Road - October Update

October 6, 2017
Current Works

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VicRoads has been pushing ahead with a series of major stabilisation works along the Great Ocean Road.

A year after damaging rains caused more than 160 landslides, some of them major, considerable progress has been made.

Fragile cliff faces have been locked down with steel mesh, concrete and Gabion stone retaining walls have been erected, under-road culverts replaced, sections of road repaved, dozens of hillsides stabilised (above) and work has begun on a new bridge at Grey River.

As spring presents more favourable weather, road works and further stabilisation projects are being stepped up.

Rock Netting

The installation of rock-fall netting on nine cliff faces between Lorne and Cape Patton was completed last week.

Galvanised steel mesh is anchored to the cliff faces to prevent loose rock falling onto the Great Ocean Road. The $2 million project took five months to complete and focused on high-priority locations.

VicRoads is now scoping another rock-fall netting project involving a further 18 sites along the same section of road.

Walking Track

VicRoads has collaborated with the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee to create a safer bush walking path on the popular Tramway Track between Lorne and St George River.

As part of a rock-fall netting project, geo-technical experts installed about 40 metres of steel hand railing on the path edge at the crest of a hill above the Great Ocean Road.

Skenes Creek Bridge

To improve safety for pedestrians and motorists, VicRoads is repairing a damaged pedestrian barrier on the ocean side of the Skenes Creek Bridge on the Great Ocean Road.

The bridge is the key pedestrian link across the creek. To complete these works safely and efficiently, the speed limit across the bridge will be reduced to 40km/h from Monday 9 to Friday 20 October.

The Great Ocean Road will remain open, with the area to remain under traffic control for the duration of the works.

To minimise disruption, we have scheduled these works after the school holidays when traffic levels are lower. Repairs to the damaged railing are expected to be completed in two weeks, weather permitting.

Paddy’s Path

The laying of erosion control mat and wire mesh on the Paddy’s Path hillside, in the landslide zone, has now been completed.

Hydro seeding and the planting of 2800 indigenous plants will occur further into spring.

The timber footbridge that spans the landslide area, and concrete approach paths, have also been completed.

Horizontal groundwater drains have been installed on the upper side of Paddy’s Path to funnel excess groundwater.

Further soil nailing below 21 to 23 Iluka Avenue has also been completed.

A 290m-long area where mud slides have occurred, on the inland side of the Great Ocean Road immediately east of Stanway Drive in Separation Creek, will also be soil nailed in mid November. The project is scheduled for completion in April 2018.

VicRoads staff and contractors will minimise road works in the Wye River area between December 22 and February 4, during the peak summer holiday season.

Retaining Walls

Work has begun on two further retaining walls west of Stanway Drive on the ocean side of the Great Ocean Road.

Work is also due to start on an under-road landslide, 400m east of Separation Creek. One lane of the Great Ocean Road will be closed and traffic management will be in place for this six to eight-week project.

Work continues at Monash Gully, 5km west of Wye River, to restore the road where a landslide occurred in August.

This project is due for completion at the end of October.

Erosion Control

Work to stabilise up to 50 landslide sites between Jamieson River and Kennett River are nearing completion. The work involves the laying of erosion control matting, steel mesh, the installation of soil nails and dressing with hydro-seed.

Work also continues on six cliff faces that require rock fall netting in the Kennett River area.

Work has begun at Big Hill, just east of Lorne, to install 360m of rock-fall netting. Work is expected to take about eight weeks.

Grey River

Work has begun on constructing a new bridge at Grey River, east of Apollo Bay.

Work crews have begun boring piles into the rock bed on the west side of the river.

One lane of the Great Ocean Road is temporarily closed for earth works on the approaches to the new bridge. Traffic management is in place.

Apollo Bay

Work is progressing to schedule on the reconstruction of the Great Ocean Road in Apollo Bay, between the golf course at Nelson Street to the Barham River bridge.

Kerb and channel, footpaths and driveways have been completed on the ocean side and a new road base has been installed along most of the 900m section.

This major piece of road reconstruction is due for completion at the end of November. Traffic management is in place.


Seven kilometres of road reconstruction work is progressing on three sites on the Great Ocean Road, 15km east of Port Campbell, near Princetown.

The existing road is being fully replaced with a new base and bitumen surface and 1m shoulders are being installed. Traffic management is in place and work is scheduled to be completed by Christmas.

Moggs Creek

We’ve begun consulting the community for the replacement of the Moggs Creek bridge on the Great Ocean Road. The new bridge will provide a safer, stronger and more reliable bridge for the local community and growing numbers of visitors to the Great Ocean Road. The Australian and Victorian governments have committed $3 million to upgrade the bridge in 2018/19.

In September, about 80 local residents attended an information session in Fairhaven to view and discuss concept plans. We are consulting with a range of local community groups, businesses, councils and road users to identify the interests and needs for the replacement bridge. For more information, drop us an email.

Heavy Vehicles

VicRoads is continuing to assist with the rebuilding program in bushfire-affected areas along the Great Ocean Road.

VicRoads’ policy has been to assist residents and business operators wherever possible at Wye River and Separation Creek and other coastal townships.

VicRoads has developed a policy for escorting oversize loads in the Otways and on The Great Ocean Road.

Generally, oversize loads which include prefab buildings and structural steel beams, are restricted to movement on a Sunday at first light to the Great Ocean Road or from Waurn Ponds to Anglesea at 3am on weekdays.

VicRoads has accommodated all oversize escort vehicle requests, often escorting multiple buildings from multiple transport companies.

We convoy these loads after assessing all safety and practicality considerations. Last week, VicRoads escorted six buildings from Waurn Ponds to Anglesea in convoys of three loads.

Movement restrictions have been developed to address traffic volumes and other safety factors.

However, if there is a requirement for additional deliveries throughout the week, we will consider these requests with a view to finding appropriate solutions. If there are any concerns please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VicRoads wishes to thank all road users for their patience as we complete all of these essential works.

Get in Touch & More Information

VicRoads has a designated webpage for Great Ocean Road landslide information and traffic conditions.

To sign up to our E bulletin distribution list email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Up to date information can also be found on the VicTraffic website and app or by calling 13 11 70.

If you have a question, or want to find out more we would love to hear from you. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VicRoads appreciates feedback and comments from the community. Please have your say at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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