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23rd April 2018

Well folks, it’s getting to the pointy end of the season and with this week being the second last sail there were some very keen sailors pacing about the club, sniffing the light breeze.

Young Fireball skipper, Ella, was calling the shots on the duty boat, helped out by Richard. With a very light wind predicted, again, it was rewarding to see a nice 10knot easterly out on the course about 11am. Would it hold out till start time though?

With briefing over, and the coarse set, it was time to unleash the keel boats. With the wind steady, if not freshening a tad, their start was a beauty. Six lumbering giants coming together, with nothing between them. As the boats converge in the last seconds of a countdown, a start line can look like a very organized and orderly affair but that is always disguising the tension and concentration on each boat, as every sailor on board concentrates on their own couple of square feet and their allocated job. And this start was a joy to watch with 5 of the six slicing the line on starboard within seconds of the signal, and, almost shaving the rear off the duty boat!

10+1 tacked over to port almost immediately. It’s Magic has had some great results lately, sailing superbly, but needed to better their previous efforts if they were to add to their season’s handicap results.

The dinghies start was uneventful but the racing to the top mark was frantic. A pretty fair start by most but it was Ziff and Affrodite out front with Wal, April Dancer and Ffantome changing positions just to rear. With the wind lightening just a little it was a test of concentration for all the sailors. But flying the spinnaker perfectly was vital if you were to take an advantage. The spinnaker is an interesting sail on a light day as its advantage can sometimes be negated by chop and swell. And mistakes? well, they can end your race! The sea condition actually improved as the day went on (a bit unusual in an easterly) which meant that the down winds became a little easier and well worth the mind imploding concentration that was necessary to keep the silk flying. On the upwind the starboard tack seemed to be favoured as it took you parallel to the swell rather than beating into as on port.

By race end Boheme had stamped their authority on the lead and Ziff had the dinghies covered. April Dancer and Ffantome scrapped with each other all day in a tight duel. The Yngling Trading Post probably lacked enough wind to get into top gear.  

Quickmatch and Wild Rose had a great tussle at the rear and rounding the bottom mark for the last time only inches separated them. After a great beat to the top they almost came in contact with only metres to go.

Back on land Ella put her most officious hat on and explained to both (usually argumentative) skippers that she had reached the decision that they would both be given the same finish time. Funny, but both accepted her wise and just ruling and not a single point was raised against it (a small miracle in itself).

Tune in next week for the last race of the season!

Heat 10 - Marriners Earthworks Post Xmas Series

Heat 23 - Café 153 Club Championships                

  Handicap Yard Stick
1st April Dancer Ziff
2nd Ffantome Affrodite
3rd Ten plus One Ffantome


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