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Sat. 16th March 2019

An easterly of about 15knots greeted all at the harbour on Saturday morning. So there was a slight edginess in the air, as easterlies often come with unruly sea states, waves across the entrance or (if it is a serious one) un-sailable bay. But this was a gentle easterly, a kindly easterly, an easterly with a softer side, if you will, an easterly that said “come out and play dear sailors, I will not rattle your bones or break your delicate little boats but allow you safe passage around your triangular course”.

So it was that with the likelihood of fair passage from the harbour Jesse and Russell set off in Helena G to set the course. Port was the order of the day, and an upwind that was straight to the east. The wind did swing a little, lightening a tad just prior to the start which seemed to drop it slightly off to a ESE but later in the day it might have been a bit ENE perhaps?

Start time for the big boats saw another nice lineup of five lumbering giants. They all headed to the line on starboard in pretty fair shape, only to see Boheme stall into the wind which put her on the back foot early. Wild Rose was the tidiest starter but it was Its Magic that was going to shine brightest later on.

As I said last week, when Russell is on the duty boat you know it is more than likely you will see a few nice photos on the facebook site and that is true again this week.

The little boats (five ff’s and a Yngling) started with 5 on starboard and only Ffantone choosing port from the pin end, paying the price by having to duck behind a few boats. Ziff was back in the water and looking sharp as ever with the silver haired wind whisperer,  Les Kearney, crewing. But April Dancer was having none of it and Bruce and Geraldine gave it their all.

But back to the big guys for a moment. The Its Magic team were on fire and having secured the lead threw their spinnaker about like it was a magician’s silk hanky. Bowman Lids even managing to pass it behind the jib stay at one point which can often result in disaster. But having the kind of day they were, it was not a problem and soon it was back where it belonged. There is a lovely photo of Magic on facebook with the pole pretty much on the stay and really getting into her groove.

By race end Ziff crossed the line in 85.65 and Its Magic in 89.03. Once again there was some fantastic spinnaker work and super close sailing happening all over the place.

Quickmatch had a nice sail with just the two on board but the highlight of the day was Doug and Bourney’s effort on Euffamism. After a bit of acrobatics on the launch ramp, a spinnaker mishap, a torn pair of shorts and Bourney going over the side for a quick inspection of the hull, they still managed a handicap win! And Doug’s face on learning the outcome? Priceless!

  Handicap Dingy YS Keel YS
1st Euffamism Ziff Its Magic
2nd Ziff April Dancer Boheme
3rd Shiralee Ffantome Wild Rose

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