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Sat. 7th December 2019

T’is a season for the Not-faint-hearted. 

While this author is usually at pains to dispel the myth (in our club at least) that sailing is a rich man’s sport, it is rapidly becoming a costly season with many a breakage or torn sail having already occurred in previous races. Some members have even resorted to ‘gifting’ their partner a ff15, so that they could use it as their spare when their own breaks down.

Weekend after weekend Huey has metered out winds ranging from the high teens into the 30’s and last Saturday was no exception with 5 boats setting out for the challenge. 

With the starting order reversed it was the two Flying Fifteens that vied for a good position at the starting line.  April Dancer executed a cracker of a start although closely followed by the Miss Molly crew now sailing Euffamism.

For the 2nd start, with the wind gusting +25knots, all 3 keel boats mis-timed their start and arrived too early with the ensuing confusion resembling an America’s Cup start although not as well planned.  The Interlude crew had no option but to incur a starting infringement and round the starting buoy for a second attempt, although in that wind they lost little time.  Ten+One crossed for a true first place on starboard followed by Wild Rose on port, seemingly intent on taking out the Helena G and its Duty crew in its wake.  Was it luck or skill that saved their bacon??

The ever-improving crew on April Dancer maintained their lead and were not headed at any time in the race.  The two bigger keel boats tussled with one another at times precariously close to each other.  The report from the observer on the beach was that they cast a shadow over one another.  Their lead changed a number of times and the crack of their booms (during their gybes) reverberated across the water.  Thankfully all crew must have been well clear as no missing heads were reported.

Congratulations are in order to Bruce and Geraldine on April Dancer for attaining line honours and 1st place for handicap points.  And of the bigger keel boats it was Ten+One who got bragging rights. Interlude DNF :(

Next Saturday looks like more of the same.  Thank you Huey!!

  H/C Champ Dinghy YS Keelboat YS 
1st April Dancer April Dancer Ten+One 
2nd Wild Rose Euffamism Wild Rose

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