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Sat. 1st February 2020

Today the weather gods have blessed our fleet with what has probably been the best overall conditions for our sailing season so far. There was enough wind to ensure all boats (large and small) would have a good time. The sea was calm, flat and there was barely any swell. The only thing we could have done without was the rain!

We started with the Keelboats first and Dinghies second this week and everyone made is across the line perfectly. Except for Interlude who struggled to locate the start line for the first 10 minutes. Perhaps the rain blurred their vision?

Boheme and 10+1 were battling it out at the front of the keelboat fleet, and Quickmatch and Wild Rose seemed to go back and forth out the back. Wild Rose and Quickmatch even got so close at some stage that one had to avoid to hit the other while rounding a mark.

Similarly, the dinghies had some really close racing going on with the top 3 shifting places throughout the race. Affrodite was leading most of the race followed by Shiralee close on their stern. Yet Euffamism was not far behind. State of the Ark was going well at the start but lost a fair bit of distance from the rest during the race. They struggled to douse their spinnaker and were unable to hoist it back up again. With the wind dropping off throughout the race and an incoming tide it seemed certain decision influenced everyone’s placing. Affrodite and Euffamism went into shore, whereas Shiralee went out to sea trying to catch some more wind. The first turned out to be a better bet than the latter and Affrodite got back in the lead. It also benefited Euffamism who snuck up and grabbed the second place bumping Shiralee into third.

All enjoyed some snags, amazing salads made by Anton and Bourny and plenty of banter after the race. With the conditions of the day there was lots of talk and discussion. Happy to see Wayne and Greg dropping in to join the fleet for the BBQ.

Want to give sailing a try? Why don’t you come down this Saturday? Looking forward to seeing you there!!

The results for this Saturday:

  H/C Champ Dinghy YS Keelboat YS 
1st Euffamism Affrodite Boheme
2nd Shiralee Euffamism 10+1
3rd Affrodite Shiralee Quickmatch

ab sailing clubLife is good. Come Sailing!

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