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Sat. 14th March 2020

The whole world is in suspense about the current developments around COVID-19 and so is the Sailing club. A few absentees were noticed this Saturday.

First and foremost, both our Commodore and Vice Commodore were conspicuously absent. Similarly, Peter Bourne, who sails with the Vice hasn’t missed a sail forever! Did he start paying attention to his prime minister’s appeal in regards to public gatherings?

Secondly, in addition to those missing from the rate entirely, those who were there also showed some peculiar signs. Our past Commodore, one who nearly sailed the seven seas got sea sick on the duty boat and Helena G wasn’t even able to save her.

The keelboat start was highly contested, however, in the dinghy start all the boats seemed to be in self-isolation as they were maintaining a safe distance from one another.

Boheme and 10+1 were battling closely throughout the race and Interlude had started their motor in order to dislodge some kelp they had acquired along the way.

April Dancer off to a good start stayed in the lead throughout the race, but, she did have Shiralee following close behind, but keeping to a minimum 1.5 metre social distance. It was great to see Andrew and Russel sail State of the Ark as well. They kept the pressure on Shiralee throughout, but kept similar distnace.

All in all, it was a good race, but a few things that were off. Hopefully we will see everyone back in good health next Saturday.

Nevertheless, with all seriousness, let us all hope that the measures currently underway in both Australia and the rest of the world ensure the virus is contained.

Results for the race calculated by Gary Miller, and therefore, subject to change. ;)

  H/C Champ Dinghy YS Keelboat YS 
1st Shiralee April Dancer Boheme
2nd Boheme Shiralee 10+1
3rd   State of the Ark Wild Rose


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