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19th November 2016

An excellent day for sailing and a superb day for a wedding. 


And on that note, congratulations to Fern Heland, Christian and their families on tying the knot (a good old fashioned bowline I’ll bet!). The club is so proud of all its young sailors over the years and the stories of Fern, Maddie, Shane etc (and parents) who took the Club Ynglings to Sydney in 2000 and sailed against the best, have become legend around the club. Youngsters growing into strong, confident adults is a real mixture of good parenting supported by a loving and strong community and young people like Fern, her contemporaries and our current bunch of young sailors are certainly proof of that.

Two weeks are rarely the same in sailing. Duty crew (Ken and David /Ten + One) were in for a glorious day officiating. They set the course at 11am in 10knts of wind from the SSE which was slowly working its way to the ESE and coming and going. A good turn out of 4 keel boats and 7 dinghies gathered for the fray.

The start of the keel boat race was as lovely a sight as 5 knts would allow and Boheme was first to make a rounding. Wild Rose, on her heels, had to cool her own considerably after snagging the top mark bouy rope, causing Ken and Dave to interrupt their holiday cruise, oops sorry I mean “race duty”, to untangle the boat from its large yellow play thing. But that was not before a flotilla of dinghies wrestled with differing ideas on how to round the “bouy hugging” Wild Rose.

The dinghy start was a similar vision of splendor with only Windswept opting for a starboard tack. Affrodite was showing a bit of early speed (which lasted the whole race) while Lisa and Leo, on new boat Aziff, were wrestling with an unfamiliar set-up. Geeks (and new crew Paul) sliced the start pack to cause a little grief for those above him (or just Ffantome?). By the bottom mark everyone was holding their place but the tussle between Cest Si Bon and the Wal was keeping Ken and David enthralled. Community Bank with the happiest sailors in the club, Kariljn and Stephan, flew the spinnaker well and Crock took out Trading Post for a single handed sail.

John Marriner and his merry crew had a good day in light conditions. With new sails and a shiny bottom (the boat that is!) Interlude showing early signs that she may very well have a good season ahead.

Overall it was a splendid day, in excellent company.

Heat 3 Waterfront Motor Inn Pre Xmas Series

Heat 3 ‘ Rex & Mandy Brown’ & ‘Café 153’ Club Championships.


1st Affrodite

2nd Ffantome

3rd Ice Breaker

Yard Stick

1st Affrodite

2nd Windswept

3rd Aziff

Thanks to our sponsors: Apollo Bay & District Community Bank, Great Ocean Road Trading Post, Waterfront Motor Inn, Café 153, The Fishing Co op, Surf-n-Fish, J&C Marriner Earthworks

Life is short, come sailing with us.

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