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13th November 2017

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There is a vibe and a sound that you experience when you stroll down by the harbour boat ramp on a Saturday morning. It is a mixture of busy-ness, anticipation, excitement mingled together with the sound of sails furling and the general good natured banter and story telling that goes on when a bunch of sailors come together for a Saturday afternoon out on the bay.

And when the Ten plus One team are on the duty boat, as they were this weekend, most of the excitement and all of the noise is coming directly from them. Quite a few members spent the morning checking out a new motor boat the club has on its wish list, which we are actively fundraising for, and would replace the tired old duty boat. Then it was time to stop the chit chat and get those sail boats out there where they belong.

A beautiful little 10-13knt easterly was ordered for the day and a port course was served up as a side dish. Shotty was seconded by the Quickmatch crew for his tactical knowledge, which paid off as they were first off the mark (a small but significant bragging right). A close keel boat race then ensued. Boheme, back on the water for 2017, going straight into stealth mode to secure line honours after a real fight to the death with Its Magic 30 seconds behind after 1 hour and 38 minutes. A breeze under 13knts does not really allow the big boats to stretch out but is even worse for the smaller keel boats like Interlude and Quickmatch.

The dinghy race was very hotly contested indeed. Affrodite missed the start but came back to challenge all day. Ziff headed the fleet for 3/4s of the race and Ffantome, skippered by Morgan, was always only metres behind. And with only one triangle to go and her crew (mother) working the spinnaker like a roman galley slave, they pounced on Lisa and Tam (Ziff) to cross the line 18 secs ahead. Affrodite (Tim, Chris) who hit a buoy, and had to throw in a 360 right at the end, could have easily upset the whole apple cart. Wal (the Smith twins) battled it out a little further back with Miss Molly and April Dancer. The later having another very fine sail.

Karljn and Stephan (see h/cap results below) are sailing Trading Post beautifully and had the better of Crock and visiting sailor Kate (???) on Community Bank. All in all it was a very fine day out indeed.
Heat 2  Waterfront Motor Inn Pre Xmas Series
Heat 2 Café 153 Club Championships.
1st Trading Post 
2nd Ffantome  
3rd April Dancer 

Yard Stick
1st Ffantome   
2nd Ziff
3rd Affrodite  

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