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11th December 2017

Saturday we sailed in our first race in winds of 20knts plus, everyone was a bit anxious pre race but very excited after the race. This was observed by the duty boat crew as most of the keel boats came out with 2 reefs in their mains (sail size reduction). After sailing around for a bit most reduced to only 1 reef but Quickmatch and It’s Magic shook out the reefs altogether (mains all the way up the mast).

Most dinghies only have the 1 sail setting and were trying to de-power their sails as they flew around the duty boat with huge grins on their faces.

The keel boat start saw Quickmatch take start line honours with a well timed start next to the duty boat, with the others further down the line in a close bunch.

In the dinghy start, Ziff had a practice at a “luff” start and almost pulled it off, having to bear away with only 30 sec to the start as they almost crossed early. They still managed to cross first with Affrodite, Miss Molly and the gutsiest crew on the water, Trading Post, sailing 2 up close behind next to the duty boat.

The lead for both classes was tight, with Its Magic passing Boheme at the top mark with 1 triangle to go. Boheme shouted “victory” and while we were all trying to figure out what was happening a quick radio call confirmed there was indeed one lap to go! With 30 secs lost before they realised their mistake, Boheme tried to regain some credibility by chasing down It’s Magic. It all came down to the last 200m when Interlude (with still a lap to go) bobbed up and called It’s Magic for right of way, stalling their progress. Magic ducked behind Interlude and pulled up to the wind with Boheme now threatening them. Magic who would have to give way if they could not “cross” in front of Boheme tightened up to pass 5 mts clear and avoided giving the lead to Boheme. They crossed the line 30 sec later, 15 sec’s in front.

After the race I talked to the skippers/helm of both boats who said it was really close, and a great race, though the 30 secs lost by Boheme was “discussed”.

The dinghies had a tougher race with the wind blowing over 20 and dropping to below 15 knts. Affrodite was leading early but was eventually passed by Ziff on their way to line honours, 2 mins ahead of the keel boats after start time correction. The brave crew on Trading Post battled it out and finished the race in good spirits.

The result, very happy sailors ………….

Heat 5 - Waterfront Motor Inn Pre Xmas Series

Heat 5 - Café 153 Club Championships.

  Handicap Yard Stick
1st Quickmatch Ziff
2nd Miss Molly Miss Molly
3rd Trading Post Trading Post
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