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26th February 2018

“Hoisting the pinewood mast, they stepped it firm in its block amidships, lashed it firm with stays and with braided rawhide halyards hauled the white sail high…… A dark blue wave, foaming up at the bow, sang out loud and strong as the ship made way”   

When Homer wrote the above, of his intrepid hero’s ten year sea voyage to return to Ithaca and his true love Penelope, over 2800 years ago, he knew that every sailor to come would share Odysseus’ feeling in that moment when sails are set and wind becomes motion.

And on Saturday there was 15 to 20 knots of SWesterly motion. The 10+1 duty crew of Ken, David and Pat set a very classy little port course on what was a bumpy and wet outing for them.

Not a lot of boats on the keel boat start, but of the two that did start the diminutive Interlude (28ft) gave the more menacing Its Magic (38ft) a jolly good slap down as the later was squeezed out of the start and forced to tack away and come around for a second go. With that said it did not take too long for Its M to catch her smaller rival up and slide on by.

The dingy start, with 3 ffs and 2 Ynglings was an even affair. All of the boats but one opted to stay on stboard but Ziff tacked off towards the beach and it proved to be a defining move as they came back towards the top mark. A little current along the beach (perhaps?) had paid dividends and they did not relinquish their lead. With the breeze freshening a few spinnakers where raised as Affrodite tried desperately to claw back some ground. Wal, with crew Russell concentrating more on the go-pro footage he was taking than the jib perhaps, managed to stay in touch.

It is often the reaches (90 degrees to the wind) that the boats and their crews enjoy the most and the buzz back at the club afterwards confirmed that there had been some impressive speeds attained. There is a certain sound that a boat makes as she slices through the water at greater than her hull speed that makes the heart of every sailor beat a little faster and causes the adventurous to pull those sails on just a little firmer.

Croc and Gary on Trading Post where putting in a mighty effort until their outhaul put an end to their journey. Homer would have approved. 


Heat 2 - J& C Marriner Earthworks Post Xmas Series

Heat 15 - Café 153 Club Championships


  Handicap Yard Stick
1st Ziff Ziff
2nd Interlude Affrodite
3rd Affrodite Wal


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