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12th March 2018

In contrast to last weekends' Saturday race, which had to be cancelled due to heavy wind predictions, this weekend we saw the exact opposite. After a Friday Night postponement announcement due to the low tide at our usual start time, Saturday afternoon's briefing brought slightly disappointing news. The duty boat crew, after having been out in search for some wind, had to sadly announce that no wind was to be found at sea. The race was cancelled and a social race to be held on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday came and the wind was blowing 14 to 17 knots, perfect conditions for an exciting race. If only these conditions were met on the Saturday! A standard Olympic Port race course was set which comprised of the usual Triangle, Sausage, and 2 Triangles, followed by a beat to the finish. 

7 boats competed, after making sure that Affrodite (with Matt A. on crew) and Euffamism) made it to the start line before the start. A combined start signalled by the Pennant No 3 Flag (or "French Flag") has everyone lined up for the start. A very close start of all the Flying Fifteens ensued with Ziff, Affrodite and April Dancer nearly touching sides on starboard tack, only for Affrodite to tack away into shore. Wal and Euffamism were further down the start line. The two Keelboats, It's Magic and Boheme, followed suit closely together with It's Magic in the lead. 

Second leg in the first triangle and we find our two keelboats well ahead of the fleet with a small position change and Boheme in the lead. These two are followed by our 5 Flying Fifteens with Wal leading the pact. Around the Jibe (Gybe) mark everyone goes and while Affrodite and Wal attempt to gybe their spinnaker Ziff takes off after making the tactical decision to take their kite down entirely zooming past. Affrodite, however, gets their spinnaker flying and is able to stay in the lead.

All the boats find their way around the bottom mark of the first triangle and positions seem well established at this stage. Euffamism, unfortunately, has to retire as one end of their main sheet bridle snapped leaving April Dancer at the end of the fleet. The duty boat observed the race from a distance while lingering down to the topmark end of the course in pursuit of Euffamism to ensure a safe passage back to the harbour in case their other end of the bridle would snap. One set of eyes toward the harbour and another set on the boats still racing.

The sausage (windward return) was observed from a distance and the boats made their way back to the top mark. Boheme, now well ahead of It's Magic was leading the fleet. It's Magic shaking out their reef in their attempt to catch up with Boheme. The wind has dropped and changed direction slightly at this stage.

With the Flying Fifteens we also seen some position changes. Ziff having sailed their own race in their attempt to get a tactical advantage on Affrodite is now well caught up and following closely behind. These two and the two keelboats form the front of the fleet.

Wal is significantly slowing down and are now in third place followed suit by April Dancer who is catching up rather quickly. The duty boat is off to set the finish line and awaiting the results of the race. Boheme crossed the line first, but with only 14 seconds difference It's Magic crosses. If only the course would have been a bit longer they almost certainly would have gained on Boheme.

All within the next 3 minutes the smaller boats sail across the finish line in this order: Affrodite, Ziff, April Dancer, & Wal. What happened Russel and Andrew? You were doing so well at the start? Hopefully we see you race that well at the state titles on 24 March. 

The results (unofficial results... but they come with bragging rights)

  Handicap Yard Stick
1st Affrodite Affrodite
2nd Wal Ziff
3rd April Dancer??
(not sure about this one)
April Dancer


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