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2nd April 2018

Every week we go through the same old dance. Will the wind be stronger than predicted? Will it be lighter than predicted? Will it stay consistent or fade away? All the possible scenarios are discussed, all the conspiracy theories are gone over, all the hyperbole and old wives’ (and husbands’) tales are given an airing. And after the dust settles and endless discussions have been had, we wait for the 12.30 briefing and head out to sail if there is wind, or, if not we don’t, simple as that!

And so it was for Bruce and Geraldine’s first ever race duty, the predicted 4 knots of westerly freshened and by race start it was a very sailable and lovely 8 plus knts. One thing we have seen quite a few times this year is a smooth sea state which allows for a better sail in light wind than would be possible with a choppier sea.

With a 90 degree wind shift to the south just before the start, and a wise word from Gary Millar, the gybe mark become the start mark and a reasonable upwind beat to the 1st leg was achieved.

Maybe to pay Gary back for his help the keel boat start for Boheme was perfectly timed as they jumped away. With only an 800mt upwind, try as they might, It’s Magic could not chase them down. It was then a really interesting matchup as It's Magic flew the spinnaker on a few of the reaches but to no avail as the Bohemians, with just jib and main, stayed tantalisingly just clearly ahead.

A quick word here about Kinabalu, recently purchased by Jessi Morrow. She is a wooden 28 footer, about 55 yrs old, and has done a Sydney to Hobart in her time. The last twenty years or so she has been moored in the harbour, but with a little recent TLC she was once again out on the bay looking grand. Lovely to see her under full sail Jess.   

The dinghy start saw Trading Post (Karlijn and Stephan) with a nice bit of sailing take the start off Ziff (no mean feat). But by the time the first buoy was rounded it was the latter well in control.

It was a lovely day for the spinnakers and Trading Post, Ziff and Wal used them to great effect. The second Yngling (Community Bank) team of Chris and Kate sailed a good race given it was Chris’ first sail at the club and skippering a very unfamiliar boat.

With the wind freshening towards the end of the race Ten+One, Wild Rose and Interlude were able to enjoy themselves a little more and it even allowed the Interlude team to sneak into a place on handicap.

If you want to see how beautiful it was out there you can check out the photos on the ABSC facebook site.  

Back on shore it was the last of the BBQs for the year and somehow Angelika and Heather, having set the bar unimaginably high, managed to surpass even their previous spectacular efforts. So as the sun sank in the West I think the last word will have to be left to Bruce Thomas as he announced to all and sundry “who would be anywhere else!” I second that Bruce.


Heat 7 - Marriners Earthworks Post Xmas Series

Heat 20 - Café 153 Club Championships


  Handicap Yard Stick
1st Trading Post Ziff
2nd Wal                       Wal
3rd Interlude Trading Post 


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