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9th April 2018

As with last week the weather was again on the good side of too light. But this time with a lovely bit of sunshine to make it even nicer. And as with last week the lovely smooth sea state made it possible to get a better sail than the wind strength would suggest.

The predicted wind strength of 6- 8 knots of westerly turned out to be just that, but filled in at about 11.30 am as “an easterly”. But ours is not to question the wind gods or even the weather bureau but to get out there and sail the course that is set.

A port course was set with a windward return (sausage) for the first leg followed by three triangles. In the end though it was not possible to get the whole lot done but everyone seemed pleased enough to just be on the water so no complaints were heard regards shortening by one triangle.

The keel boat start got off cleanly with only It’s Magic on port tack, seizing the early advantage of more pressure out on the starboard side of the course, after having to dip behind two other boats at the start.

The usually cunning Boheme even persisted with the port side and could not recover to challenge.

The dinghy start saw all of them heading off to the port side and as with the bigger boats they mostly suffered for their persistence on that tack. Affrodite was the first of the small boats to head on over to where the best wind was and the rest of the race was played out between Affro and Magic as they literally mugged the rest of the fleet and battled it out. Spinnaker leg after spinnaker leg they dueled to see who would head the fleet.

There were some great match ups further back with spinnakers being the preferred sail of the day. Trading Post (who nailed the start again, without a start watch!) kept pace with a few of the fifteens, the spinnaker being the key to their race. Russell Smith on Wal sailed a blinder (all on his lonesome) spinnaker and all! The fact that he was sitting forward in the middle of the boat, facing backward, was a bit disconcerting to watch, especially since, until he got within 40mts it actually looked like there was nobody sailing the boat….spooky!

Interlude just couldn’t find a breeze and re- tired. Wild Rose tried as hard as they could to make their genikker behave. Lids had Windswept out for only the second time this year and looked to be enjoying a little quality time with his spinnaker. Doug and Rish (Euffamism) hoisted their silk hanky for the first time with varying results and April Dancer seemed not to  enjoy the light airs quite so much.           

Heat  8 Marriners Earthworks Post Xmas Series

Heat 21 Café 153 Club Championships

  Handicap Yard Stick
1st Affrodite Affrodite
2nd Wal Ziff
3rd It’s Magic Wal


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