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Apollo Bay Radio is now broadcasting.  Just visit our website www.3abr.org from your computer, smartphone or tablet and click

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Apollo Bay Radio is now available through the free "Tune-In" App on your phone or tablet.  It's so easy!  Download the free App in seconds, search for Apollo Bay Radio and your phone will remember it for next time.  You can also click the "Listen Live" icon on our website which has our schedule and presenter profiles.

And now you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requests directly to the presenter on air or phone (03) 5237 1255.

New members and supporters welcome.

Membership Costs

$50 Annual Membership

$25 Concession

$10 Non-voting

Fees can be paid directly to the Apollo Bay Community Bank BUT PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME AS A REFERENCE.

Acct Name: Apollo Bay Radio Inc.
BSB: 633-000
Acct No: 147546352

OR post a cheque to: PO Box 149, Apollo Bay  VIC  3233

OR drop cash or a cheque to the Membership Box in the studio at the Apollo Bay Community Youth Club.

Receipts will be recorded and may be collected from the studio file.



Programme Guide

Tue. 7-9pm  Radio Caroline! with Caroline Wren

Wed. 8-9pm  Listen Hear Love! With Anton Tibbits

Wed. 9-11pm  You turn Me On, I'm A Radio with Phil Langdon

Thu. 12-4pm  The Fiercest Pirates of the South Seas with Yvonne Francis

Thu. 4-4.30pm  Community Health Check with Bob Knowles & Debra Cerasa

Thu. 7-8pm  What's Your Story? with Bob Knowles

Thu. 8-9pm  Ragged Company with John Smith

Fri. 8-10pm  There and Back Again with John, Claire & Sophie

Sat. 9-12pm  Saturday At The Bay with Bryan Dwyer, Anton Tibbits & Guests


A Cracking Community Radio Kick Off for 2016
8th Jan. 2016

The long road to an authentic independent community radio voice for Apollo Bay arrived with bang when the mystery competitor for the 87.6 FM frequency withdrew from the auction process.

We hit the airwaves on December 14 and immediately started connecting locals and visitors alike with all that’s going on in the most southerly village on the Australian mainland.

We leapt into action with a live broadcast of JINGLE AT THE BAY on December 23.  It was 3 hours of singing and seasonal celebration on our fabulous foreshore.  We recorded it and replayed many highlights so the local players could hear themselves and the community could share the talent and the goodwill throughout the key days of Christmas.

When the fires struck, we were there again with warning information as soon as it came to hand and a full live broadcast of the Apollo Bay emergency meeting from the leisure centre on December 30.  We also recorded and broadcast interviews with Incident Controller Alistair Drayton, Premier Dan Andrews and MP Sarah Henderson.  The podcast of the meeting achieved an astounding 1127 downloads – more solid proof of the community value of ABR.

We continued the work of course with regular CFA updates as they came to hand and a live broadcast and subsequent podcast of the January 3 meeting.  This has been downloaded or streamed 618 times to date.

With a new improved transmission radio aerial (thanks to Steve Sheers and Anton Tibbits) and resounding support form local individuals, businesses, clubs and associations we look forward to an ever improving community communications landscape in the coming year.

In conclusion, its worth noting that the Apollo Bay Community Website, The News Sheet, and the Otway Community News Facebook page in combination with Apollo Bay Radio makes a guaranteed communications cocktail when you need to be seen and heard in Apollo Bay.


Christmas comes early for Apollo Bay Radio 87.6 FM
1512 jingle0122nd Dec. 2015


Christmas has come early for Apollo Bay Radio with a new radio frequency broadcasting into The Bay on 87.6FM. The 3ABR team celebrated this news with their first outside broadcast at "Jingles in the Bay" from the Apollo Bay foreshore today (see picture).

"We are thrilled that we can now bring appropriate radio to the whole Apollo Bay Community," said Bryan Dwyer, Secretary of 3ABR. "We've been broadcasting over the internet, which is great for the youngsters and our listeners in Melbourne and even overseas, but now with the 87.6FM license, people can also listen in their cars or on the radio, which suits many working and older people, as well as tourists and visitors into The Bay."

1512 jingle03"By the Bay and for the Bay – the only radio station that broadcasts that way," is the 3ABR 87.6FM tagline. It really describes our programs," said Mr Dwyer. "'Saturday at the Bay" gives a roundup of all the week's goings on in the Bay with local news, sports reports and chat, plus oral history and local musicians. Thursday's 'What's your Story?' gets local people into the studio to chat about their lives in The Bay or how they got here."

1512 jingle02

"Our licence has been a long time coming,'" said Mr Dwyer, "There have been lots of unnecessary bureaucracy to overcome. But we now have it. We would like to say a big 'Thank you' to our many community sponsors who have supported us so strongly, to our loyal listeners in the Bay and around the world. We would also like to thank Colac Otway Shire and Sarah Henderson who have supported our licence application."

Details of 3ABR 87.6FM programs are available via www.3abr.org, through the Facebook group Apollo Bay Radio and are also published weekly in the Apollo Bay News.

If you wish to get involved as a presenter with show ideas, or would like to place an advertisement or be a sponsor, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring Bryan on 0438 129 023.

Media Contact
Bryan Dwyer
0438 129 023
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Community Radio Campaign for FM license
15th Feb. 2015

Apollo Bay Radio has ceased its FM test transmission, although you can still listen to all your favourite top quality programmes online at 3abr.org.  We turned the transmitter off because the Media Authority has decreed it unlawful for us to broadcast, despite the fact that Apollo Bay has no Community Radio service.

There are several petitions dotted around town which we will send to the House of Representatives.  You will find them at the newsagents, farmers' market, golf club, sailing club, to name just a few.  Please support your right and enjoyment to have an Apollo Bay Community Radio - support us to support you! The 3ABR team have been in touch with MPs and we have had a positive response from Sarah Henderson who is hoping she will be able to convince ACMA to grant us a licence.  We have also lobbied all the Colac Otway councillors as well as ACMA themselves.

Please support us by signing the petition, joining Apollo Bay Radio facebook group or contacting:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A complaint against our test broadcast was NOT based on any interference to another signal.  The frequency 88.7 FM is allocated to Apollo Bay and was not being used by the Colac based licence holder.

Please also fill out the ACMA Complaint Form and tell them that the only local radio content you want comes from Apollo Bay itself.  We already have a dedicated team of local Apollo Bay people who are committed to bringing you local Apollo Bay content (not from Colac) and have been broadcasting online 24/7 for about a year already.  See full details and listen live at 3abr.org.

We thank you for your support....The 3ABR Team.

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