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Friends of Otway National Park


We are an active local volunteer group with ages ranging from 1 to 70+ years and hold around six activities a year from February to December, incorporating leisure and work programs with Parks Victoria, Apollo Bay.



The friends group was formed in 1981 after Otway National Park was declared.  It was started by a small group of enthusiastic, environmentally conscious people, who played an instrumental part in the Declaration of the Park and in the subsequent reduction of logging within the Park from 1988 back to 1985.

The Otway National Park was the first National Park in Victoria to be subjected to once over logging.



The protection and preservation of the natural environment of Otway National Park and associated Reserves and Marine Parks.

The protection and preservation of the indigenous flora and fauna and features (scenic, archeological, geological, historic & scientific) of Otway National Park and associated Reserves and Marine Parks.

To encourage community awareness, enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of and involovement with Great Otway National Park in accordance with the above objectives.



Due to the ongoing COvid19 threat no activities have been planned for 2020.

Past activities have included bird surveys, frog watch, planting, walks, revegetation, plant surveys, koala counts, weeding, platypus watch, guest speakers, workshops, etc.


What's On in 20192019 FONP
Sun. 28th Apr.
  Marengo Conservation Reserve
Sun. 16th Jun.
  Johanna Revegetation
Wed. 17th Jul.
  AGM @ Parks Victoria Office, Cnr Oak & Montrose Aves
Newcomers welcome
RSVP by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0417 582 407
Sun. 18th Aug.

Johanna Revegetation

Sun. 13th Oct..

Carlisle Heaths

Sun. 17th Nov.
  Marengo Reefs Seasearch

Marengo Nature Conservation Reservation


Become a Member

  • Get to know your Park
  • Make a positive contribution to the environment
  • Meet people
  • Have fun

Membership forms are available at activities - $5/single, $10/family per year

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