Solar Drop In; Panels on Roofs 'What now'?; 'Knock, Knock' - Not Us!

7 February 2019
I reckon 80+ is a good number…

That’s how many people attended the SOS Solar Energy Community Drop-in last Saturday (2 Feb). The feedback we were given about the range and quality of the information available at the four info tables (Renew, Sustainability Victoria, local experience and SOS) was very positive. There were certainly lots of engaged and indepth conversations going on throughout the afternoon. People also really appreciated the thought and effort which had gone into putting on the Drop-in and foreshore events and asked us to thank all of those involved (so, to all involved, many thanks).

Panels on roofs ‘What now’?

On the back of these two events we collected over 50 ‘expressions of interest’ forms from people who are interested in a programme to support them getting panels on their roof. When added to our existing list, we now have close to 100 people who are interested in this programme.

At our next SOS meeting (12 Feb) we will continue to discuss our next steps in more detail. As we develop and refine this programme over the coming weeks, we will continue to provide the community with details on what our options are. As an example of the scope of our activities, this article from the Dec 2018 edition of Renew Magazine provides a very solid overview of what one group in Yackandandah is doing.

One very important point we would like to stress (and to make absolutely clear) is that the role of SOS is to facilitate a process where the community makes its own decisions. SOS will help provide the community with options:  the community will decide which option(s) it wants to take.

‘Knock, Knock’ – Not us

There are a number of individuals claiming to be from a couple of different solar companies who are offering to do a community bulk buy in the Apollo Bay region. This has nothing to do with SOS. These organisations are not promoted or supported by SOS in any way, shape or form. SOS does not cold-call people nor do we (or would we ever) go around knocking on people’s doors.


About Us

Southern Otways Sustainable (SOS), a local not for profit group, was established in 2018 with the aim…

‘To encourage, facilitate and implement a transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy sources.’

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