Brief update on our Panels on roofs programme

27 February 2019

We are currently working through our documentation for the Panels on Roofs tendering process. As you can appreciate, these tasks take time and, as we are a volunteer based community group, we are beholden to the vagaries of people’s capacity to complete tasks in a timely manner. As a group, our most pressing concern is that we offer accurate and up-to-date information back to the community to help people make informed choices regarding preferred installers and the most appropriate system to meet their needs. While this means that the overall process may take longer than is ideal, it does provide us with an increased degree of confidence that we will be making robust, well considered decisions.

We are aiming to provide a further progress update in mid-March.


About Us

Southern Otways Sustainable (SOS), a local not for profit group, was established in 2018 with the aim…

‘To encourage, facilitate and implement a transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy sources.’

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