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Solar Program – Coming soon!; Vic Government Solar Rebate Scheme

19 April 2019

At our February community information session about solar power we heard from members of the community that you didn’t know how to find a solar installation company you could trust. You were feeling confused with all the technology choices and brands available on the market, and that the upfront cost of the system was making it difficult for some households to get access to solar.

And we were overwhelmed by the interest from members of the community wanting to participate in a community solar “bulk buy”. That’s why over the last two months the SOS committee has been working to review the ways we can deliver a community solar program for the greater Apollo Bay region and are now very excited to announce that we have partnered with Mondo to deliver a community solar purchasing program in July/August.

Community Solar Program - Who is Mondo?

Mondo is a pioneer in bringing together homes and businesses to generate and share energy. They have supported communities to create micro grids like the Yackandandah mini grid. Mondo aims to empower communities to create a bright future where communities everywhere use local resources and infrastructure to achieve their energy goals. Locally Mondo is delivering the Deakin University micro grid project and has also been working to support Barwon Region Alliance for Community Energy (BRACE). Read more about Mondo here -

SOS has partnered with Mondo to further our long-term goal to become a 100% renewable energy region.

More details about the community solar purchase program will be available over the coming months, please stay tuned for more.

Vic Government Solar Homes Rebate Scheme

Solar Victoria has announced the program for 2018/19 is now fully subscribed. Solar Victoria says all eligibility and rebate applications lodged before applications closed, will continue to be processed.

Please be aware that you must have your VIC rebate approved before your solar power system is installed – otherwise you will not get the rebate. You cannot install solar and apply for the rebate afterwards. However, from July 1 the program gets bigger, aiming to put solar panels on the rooftops of 650,000 households across the state. Also from July, the scheme will be accompanied by an interest-free loan option to cover the unsubsidised portion of a system. Additionally, there will be coverage for 50,000 rental properties and 10,000 solar batteries. Once the final details of the program have been announced SOS & Mondo will be able to assist residents & businesses meet their renewable energy goals.

Your support

The SOS team are grateful for your interest and support as we work towards a renewable energy future. We are a community volunteer organisation committed to achieving a 100% renewable energy supply for the Southern Otways community. If you think you have time or the skills to help, and can join as part of a team then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Matt Armstrong, Steffi Falconer, Gail Bateman, Lisa Deppeler

On behalf of the SOS Team

About Us

Southern Otways Sustainable (SOS), a local not for profit group, was established in 2018 with the aim…

‘To encourage, facilitate and implement a transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy sources.’

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